About DigiReg

DigiReg is a digital registration platform, providing online registration for your users. There are a variety of use cases where DigiReg plays an important and integrated part.

Use Cases

  1. Higher Education
  2. Conferences

Higher Education

DigiReg was originally designed to capture student attendance at classes, lectures, and seminars in higher education. This was aimed at providing support rather than taking punitive action against absentees.

DigiReg enables the university or college to identify students who are not attending sessions and who might be in need of extra support to prevent them dropping out or potentially developing mental health problems as a result of the pressures of a new environment and work patterns. By monitoring attendance, it is possible for student support staff to see an overall picture of a student’s academic journey, and therefore provide early intervention before the problem escalates.

A student dropping out also has a significant financial impact on both the student and the college or university. Just one student dropping out could potentially result in the loss of £27,000 in tuition fees. Joining the DigiReg platform is a small investment to prevent such an occurrence.

A class of 200 students can register in less than a minute, either by scanning a QR code, entering a unique session code into the website, or by SMS*. There are no hardware purchases required, as the codes can be shown on the projector, written on the board, printed out, or, for smaller classes, displayed on the presenter's tablet or smartphone. Students can also track their own attendance and inform their lecturer of any planned absence.

If a student is absent for a given number of sessions, the system logs this for follow-up with the student support coordinators. This allows emails to be sent, and replies to be automatically logged, so that any member of the student support team can monitor this correspondence.

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* feature expected in Dec 2018


DigiReg supports registration for conference seminars. If it is important, or even just interesting, to know who attended which seminar, DigiReg makes it a two click operation. It is that simple.